Message From the Founder

Week #15 Supply & Bones

Belief is a choice.

Week #14 Inflation & S.O.S.

Addressing a headline with evidence and perspective.

Week #13 Less Than 88 & Ikigai

The band Bob plays in got some great news!

Week #12 ACWI and How Did You Get to Where You Are at Today?

Everyone has a story but do we take the time to ask?

Week #11 The Big Bang Theory & Weakness

The creator of the show, follows the evidence.

Week #10 Milton Bradley’s Game of Life

Did you know a famous board game was remade?

Week #9 The Greatest Leader I Know

A personal story about Bob’s greatest leader.

Week #8 S&P 500 & Stoicism

The importance of living in the present.

Week #7 Goals & Coaches

The importance of having a coach when you set your goals.

Week #6 So What, Now What

A fun story of when things might not go according to plan.

Week #5 Telomeres and Guardrails

Chronological age vs. Biological age and more!

Week #4 The True Measure of Wealth

How can you get off the ‘Hamster Wheel’ of chasing the dollar?

Week #3 What is 4:8?

Hear from Bob Bove on the meaning behind the name and mission of our firm.

Week #2 True Meaning of Success?

How can we find true meaning and our own definition of success?

Week #1 Don’t Let The Old Man Sneak In

Our very first Message From the Founder. See our video series every Friday!

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