Message From the Founder

#141 No More Bold Predictions & Nothing Wrong

Week #65 Recession & The Gift of Family & Dreams

Keep on dreaming.

Week #64 Say What & The Gift of Laughter

Laughter is good medicine.

Week #63 Blessings & The Gift of Gratitude

It is how you view it.

Week #62 The Market Abides & The Gift of Learning

Up and down.

Week #61 Trick or Treat & SWAN

Bird-like view.

Week #60 Elections & Keep on Dancing

Keep on dancing!

Week #59 What to Expect & Decide


Week #58 Our Role & .1% Chance

What are the chances?



Week #56 Bad Luck & Sisu

Persevering in hard times.

Week #55 Resilience & A Major MAJOR Announcement

A year to be resilient

Week #55 57/43 & Slow Down!

Yellow Light

Week #54 Do I Practice What I Preach & 7 Vitamin C’s ROL

Of course!

Week #53 Awesome News & Simple


Week #52 I Don’t Know & Enough

We don’t make forecasts

Week #51 I’m Proud of You & Perfection

We are so proud of our clients!

Week #50 News or History & Focus

Read history not headlines.

Week #49 Did Ya Hear? & Respond-Able

Understand what is ‘normal’

Week #48 Super Contagious Diseases & Prime Time

When is a good time to think about your Desirement?

Week #47 Volatility Fatigue & Your Life Portfolio

Pause, reassess.

Week #46 Favorite Time of Year & Vuori!

What could it be?

Week #45 Uniqueness & 6th Sense

Do you have the 6th Sense?

Week #44 100% Again & Bob’s Life Story

Everyone has a story.

Week #43 100% & 4 Important Words

Have you asked?

Week #42 Be a Machine & Intentional Disconnection

Put the phone down.

Week #41 8 Ball & Changes

What does this mean?

Week #40 Avoid Being Stupid & Changes to Personal Portfolio

Control what you can.

Week #39 RWC & 1 Car

Insight from the best investors.


A perspective that is everlasting on moments that are not.


What is the agency in relation to your life and your financial plan?

Week #36 Taxes, Get Over It & Mother Teresa

Do we complain too much?


When is enough, enough?

Week #34 Why We Invest & U.B.U

Self-awareness can help in many aspects of life.

Week #33 Buffett’s Will & Map Zoom out

Let’s get some perspective.

Week #32 Shares & Socrates

“True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.”

Week #31 Edwin Starr & More Time

Wouldn’t you like to have more time?

Week #30 Optimism is the Only Realism & Headspace

Does it always have to be Bad News?

Week #29 Reboot & Reverse Mentors

Do you have a Reverse Mentor?

Week #28 Deja Vu All Over Again & The Enemy of Happiness

Is it all too familiar?

Week #27 EKG’s & Love Letters

What happens when we write a letter?

Week #26 B Side & The Great Houdini

What is on the flipside?

Week #25 Breaking News – Biggest Threat to Your R.O.I. & R.O.L.

What do headlines do for you?

Week #24 Zero Sum Game & Bove’s Retirement

What is a person’s most productive age period?

Week #23 Snowballs & Resolutions

What is the ‘Why’ of your New Years’ resolution?

Week #22 My Favorite Time of The Year

Guess away.

Week #21 In 2022 – One thing is Certain

Do you have a philosophy in life and your financial life, that will help you deal with uncertainty?

Week #20 Peak or Cliff & 764,400 Hours

How many hours have you been alive? How have we spent them? How many hours do you have left & how do you want to spend them?

Week #19 New High’s & My 16 Year Old Self

What would you tell your 16 year old self?

Week #18 Magic 8 Ball & Beyond Wealth

Imagine if we had all the answers.

Week #17 Bud Light & Terminal Illness

We all have an expiration date, how do we view that?

Week #16 Happy Thanksgiving & Science of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving from The 4:8 Group!

Week #15 Supply & Bones

Belief is a choice.

Week #14 Inflation & S.O.S.

Addressing a headline with evidence and perspective.

Week #13 Less Than 88 & Ikigai

The band Bob plays in got some great news!

Week #12 ACWI and How Did You Get to Where You Are at Today?

Everyone has a story but do we take the time to ask?

Week #11 The Big Bang Theory & Weakness

The creator of the show, follows the evidence.

Week #10 Milton Bradley’s Game of Life

Did you know a famous board game was remade?

Week #9 The Greatest Leader I Know

A personal story about Bob’s greatest leader.

Week #8 S&P 500 & Stoicism

The importance of living in the present.

Week #7 Goals & Coaches

The importance of having a coach when you set your goals.

Week #6 So What, Now What

A fun story of when things might not go according to plan.

Week #5 Telomeres and Guardrails

Chronological age vs. Biological age and more!

Week #4 The True Measure of Wealth

How can you get off the ‘Hamster Wheel’ of chasing the dollar?

Week #3 What is 4:8?

Hear from Bob Bove on the meaning behind the name and mission of our firm.

Week #2 True Meaning of Success?

How can we find true meaning and our own definition of success?

Week #1 Don’t Let The Old Man Sneak In

Our very first Message From the Founder. See our video series every Friday!

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