Transparent fees

Although we offer hourly advice, and advice on specific projects, most clients retain us for ongoing advice. These clients are charged a fixed percentage of the portfolio, usually around 1% per year (ranging from 0.85% to 1.32% per year). 
Our costs are negotiable, depending upon the level and scope of the service required and the professional services requested.

Prior to engaging us, we provide full disclosure of your cost. 

What do you receive for this fee?

In addition to the services we provide, you’ll get an advisor who:

Always acts transparently and in good faith.
Minimizes conflicts of interest and discloses any that exist.
Is only compensated by you. We do not accept referral fees for fees from the sponsors of any investment product.
Always places your interest above ours.

If you are looking for honest, objective, transparent advice, you’ve come to the right place.

Our fees should be an investment

We believe the fees you pay us should be an investment and not an expense.

According to a study by Russell Investments, it is clear that the value an advisor delivers to clients materially exceeds the 1% fee they typically charge for their services. 

The study calculated the value of an advisor at 4.08% of assets managed.

We add value by keeping the cost of the funds in your portfolio low, rebalancing when appropriate, minimizing turnover costs in the funds we select, using academic data to understand dimensions of expected returns, behavioral coaching to close the gap between actual returns of mutual funds and those earned by our clients, tax efficient asset location, and tax efficient withdrawal strategies.

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