A Meaningful Difference

Our financial planning is focused on your Return on Life™ (ROL) and your Desirement

What is Return on Life™ (ROL)?

It’s living the best possible life you can with the money you have. 

An ROL focus:

  • Removes the artificial finish line 
  • Takes the focus off accumulation 
  • Provides a balance between means and meaning

In less than five minutes, almost any financial planner can determine how much you need to save to meet your financial goals.  That’s the beginning of our analysis.  Not the end.

We want to understand your values and goals – now and in the future. 

We’ll discuss the difference between your “job” and what really calls to you.  We want to help you design a strategy to maximize your life during retirement. 

As life expectancy has increased, your retirement years may last almost as long as your time working.   Think about that for a moment.  You could be retired for thirty years.  Doesn’t it make sense to plan for how you want to spend that time?

We subscribe to the “three hats” approach to lifestyle financial planning, which Paul Armson explains in this video


It’s helping you determine the amount of money you’ll need to pay for all the things you “desire” to do when you retire. 

It’s having enough purpose to get out of bed in the morning and enough wealth to sleep at night.  

How do you find  your desirement?  Close your eyes and think about the people and experiences that bring you the most happiness.  Then focus on spending and enjoying those experiences with the ones you love.

We believe that components “Beyond Wealth” are necessary for a successful desirement. Those Beyond Wealth necessities include health, family, social relationships and for some, faith. 

This comprehensive outlook is The 4:8 Way to Financial LIFE Planning.

We are certified “Bucket Plan©” advisors. We use a set of planning tools that ensure a comprehensive holistic planning process.  Your “Bucket Plan©” accounts for your unique income needs, time horizon, volatility tolerance and tax situation.

We are proponents of Lifesyle Financial Planning.  To understand how this approach differs from typical financial planning advice, please watch this video.

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